Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 4, Thing 9

OK, library related blogs to learn about, including the ones in Merlin. I added Second Life Library project and Tame the Web to the ones I already have. Blogs are cool. Merlin is super cool. I check it all the time!

Week 4, Thing 8

Well, this is one I covered the first time around and have been using ever since. I have a Bloglines newsreader set up at work and at home. I started out subscribing to lots of feeds, then quickly discovered how overwhelming that can be to keep up with! So, I narrowed it down to a few core ones, like PLA and Shifted Librarian. I tried keeping Salon for as long as I could, but, alas, I dropped it too.

Just added two 23 Things bloggers to my Bloglines subscriptions. I didn't realize these 2 people were doing it this time around.

Feels kinda like spying....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Week 3, Thing 7

This is the "post anything about technology" assignment.

Well, let's just say I know a little more about technology than I did last time around doing 23 Things, just from experience. For example, my tube tv developed a picture shrinking problem, and I thought the tube was going up, so I read reviews and shopped for an HDTV (not plasma). It turned out the problem was a loose connection to my tv from the converter box-to-vcr-tv setup. Fortunately, I was overwhelmed by television choices in the stores and didn't buy a new one. But, I want one!

During Fall vacation, I started my own myspace and Facebook pages, which have brought me into the wild world of social networking. Uploading photos, designing the pages, adding applications (in Facebook), and so on. Plus, I've made some new "friends" in places like the UK and Oklahoma and Tennessee that I would never have found any other way. We talk about politics, literature, and just about anything else, plus share photos and generally stay in touch in a unique way. Fun, too!

I still don't own an iPod or any kind of mp3 player, but I plan to buy one soon to take advantage of our new downloadable audiobooks. Maybe the kind that also has an FM radio and a nice size screen. Maybe Sansa or Creative Zen. Still shopping around.

Week 3, Thing 6

OK, this is the one I have trouble with. Mash-ups, mashables, mash this, mash that. I understand it's a blending of applications. For example, I did Montager through Flickr on the tag "Clinton 2008 " and made a mosaic of 500 images. For whatever reason, I can't upload the image to show you!!

Also played around with Flickr Colr Pickr. Pick a color and retrieve images from Flickr in that color. Ok then.....

Went to Big Huge Labs and made a jigsaw from a friend's photo (taken in Maine). Yeah!! It uploaded...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week 3, Thing 5

Just uploaded some more photos from my gardens. Here's one.

I didn't set up my own flickr URL yet. My pix are public and are tagged with some of the following: gardening, flowers, plum tree, nandina, quince, shrubs.

Week 2, Thing 4

Blog is registered and tracking log set up.

Week 2, Thing 3

OK, I cheated a little. OK, not really. Since this is my second time around with 23 Things (with the goal of completing all 23 this time), I had already set up my blog. Plus, thanks to learning what I did last time around, I've been blogging on myspace and also set up a Programming Team blog for our library.

I like blogging, although sometimes it feels like journaling with an audience. Exhibitionism, if you will. But, it's such fun that whatever perverse pleasure blogging may offer to exhibitionists (which, BTW, I am definitely NOT!) is secondary to the ease with which regular joes and janes like us can be published on the web, without knowing a stick of html.

Love it!